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    Zac Applegate

    Empowering People Through Technology & Design

    • Things I Like:
    • Camping
    • Christianity
    • Coffee
    • eCommerce
    • Hiking
    • Outdoors
    • Running
    • Technology
    • Web Design



I am a technology jack of all trades with more than a decade of experience in technology, management, product design and project management. I am passionate about empowering people with technology and design. When not nerding out, I enjoy good coffee, spending time in the great outdoors, going on adventures, reading, talking about Jesus, and social / business philanthropy. I am a man who’s been ransomed, redeemed and want to never stop exploring.

What am I up too?
SandalsChurch.com TechCollective.co

Made with coffee and <3 in Riverside, CA.