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    Zac Applegate

    Empowering People Through Technology & Design

    • Things I Like:
    • Camping
    • Christianity
    • Coffee
    • eCommerce
    • Hiking
    • Outdoors
    • Running
    • Technology
    • Web Design



I am a technology jack of all trades with more than a decade of experience in technology, management, product design and project management. I have a passion for empowering people, particularly if I can do so using my skills in technology and design. My other interests include good coffee, spending time in the great outdoors, going on adventures, reading, talking about Jesus, and social / business philanthropy. I am a man who’s been ransomed, redeemed and want to never stop exploring.

What am I up too?
SandalsChurch.com TechCollective.co

Made with coffee and <3 in Riverside, CA.